Project EX is a school-based, tobacco-use cessation program for high school youth (ages 14-19 years). The program is delivered in a clinic setting, and involves enjoyable, motivating activities such as games, mock talk shows, and yoga. At the completion of the program, youth will be able to:

  • Stop or reduce cigarette smoking
  • State accurate information about environmental, social physiological, and emotional consequences of tobacco use

Students participating in Project EX will learn accurate knowledge of tobacco addiction and disease and develop an empathetic understanding of the effects of tobacco use on friends. The 8-session curriculum is delivered over a 6-week period. It emphasizes coping with stress, dealing with nicotine withdrawal, relaxation techniques, and how to avoid relapse. It aims to teach self-control, anger management, mood management, and goal setting techniques, and it provides self-esteem enhancement. Project EX has proved successful when implemented with students from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.