Theoretical Foundation

Project EX is derived from a motivation-coping skills-personal commitment model of teen cessation.

Motivation involves generating reasons to quit tobacco use (Session 1), discussion of information on the many dangers of tobacco use (Session 3), and use of games and talk shows that help teens see the effects of their tobacco use on others (Session 1 talk show), that tobacco use may increase, not decrease, one’s stress level over time (Session 2 talk show), that there are many negative effects of passive smoking (Session 3 game), that the longer one quits the easier it is to stay stopped (Session 4 talk show), and that it is easier and better to quit now rather than waiting until one is older (Session 8 talk show).

Coping Skills instruction includes information and practice on selecting a quit approach (Session 4), how to get through withdrawal symptoms (Sessions 1, 4, and 5), how to cope with stress (Session 2 coping skills and Healthy Breathing exercise), how to get around cognitive barriers to quitting (Sessions 4 and 5), how to relax (Session 5 Floating Relaxation Exercise, Session 6 Yoga), achieving good nutrition (Sessions 5 and 6), assertiveness training (Session 7), anger management (Session 7 coping skills and Meditation), and avoiding relapse (Session 8).

In Session 4, students make a Personal Commitment to quit, and in Session 8 they review the commitment.